The Zenwash Team is made up of Christian and Soe, who moved to Newcastle in early 2013 and immediately bought the Zenwash business from a friend.

We split duties when we work on your car, Soe does all the work on the interior and Christian does all the work on the exterior. If someone finishes their job early, we help the other to finish their job. On the business side, we each have separate duties that we like to do as well.

Because we work for ourselves, we don’t take huge breaks. We work hard so we can go home early.

We pretty much immediately fell in love with Newcastle and one of the greatest aspects of having a mobile business is that you get to explore the city of Newcastle and the surrounding areas every day. If we have a big job somewhere, we will usually spend a bit of time there to have lunch, a walk, a surf or a snorkel. Newcastle is such a beautiful place, it has great beaches, good camping grounds nearby, nice weather and relaxed people.