Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

Zenwash are specialists in fleet maintenance. We work with many businesses and government departments in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Our Philosophy

At Zenwash, we work closely with respected local businesses who are interested in creating lasting relationships that benefit both parties. Consider us a part of your business that helps you increase productivity and growth. If you are interested in exploiting local businesses and want the cheapest price, then respectfully, Zenwash is not for you. We are a premium car cleaning and car detailing service that works in a professional capacity in all aspects of our business. We work together to ensure you receive the exact service you require so you are continually happy with the results.

The Benefits of Fleet Maintenance

It may seem that taking your car to a car wash might seem like the better and cheaper option, however, Zenwash fleet maintenance has many advantages for your business.

In order to wash a car, a staff member has to take the car off site, drive all the way to the car wash, possibly wait in a queue, wash the car themselves or pay a stranger to do it, pay them and drive back to your business. A lot of time is wasted that staff members could use more wisely.

With fleet maintenance with Zenwash, we takeĀ the keys, wash the cars and deliver the keys back, all with a minimum of fuss. This allows your staff to be more productive with the aspects of your business they have been employed to do. Your cars are not cleaned by different people every time with varying degrees of expertise and experience but are maintained by trusted detailing professionals who work to your specifications and make sure the contents of your car does not ‘magically’ disappear. We begin to ‘know’ your cars and keep a continuity of care with your cars.

Because the cars are cleaned on-site, it means that if an emergency arises and a car is needed, they can be easily taken. Also, if other visiting departments want their cars cleaned, we are happy to service them.

Keeping fleet cars regularly maintained is good for staff morale and is a simple way to keep your staff happy. Additionally, maintaining a car in clean state, encourages your staff to care and respect the car more.

All Zenwash services are tax deductible for business.

Our aim is to make the washing of your cars as effortless, trouble-free and painless as possible. GiveĀ  the difference between the wages of someone taking the car off-site and our prices, factoring in the tax deduction of the service, fleet maintenance is much more cost effective than you would think.

The Benefits of the Waterless Wash

Being waterless gives us many advantages over regular water washing.

Because waterless washing has no water run-off, it means we can clean cars in areas that other car cleaning companies cannot go such as garages, industrial sheds and multi-story car parks.

Please be aware that there is very strict rules and regulations in accordance with the Newcastle City Council with regards to washing of cars and very specifically run-off of water. Fines of up to $4000 can be issued if you are caught polluting the waterways with run-off from car washing. Waterless washing completely bypasses any such problems.

The majority of fleet maintenance will be based on the inside out. Occasionally an inside out deluxe or full detail is asked for which is something we can easily accommodate.


Prices are negotiated based on:

  • the type of cars in the fleet
  • the number of cars in the fleet
  • the time and frequency of the service
  • the dirtiness and state of the cars

During the first fleet cleaning, extra dirty fees are usual because the cars haven’t been cleaned for some time. But rest assured, after the cars are up to scratch, if they are maintained regularly, an extra dirty is less likely.