Frequently Asked Questions

How can you wash a car without water?

An average car wash takes 30-50 minutes and wastes 500 to 1000 litres of water. With our waterless system no water is used. We simply mist the waterless wash onto the surface of the car, which softens, lifts and encapsulates dirt particles in a protective lubricant which is easily and safely wiped away with a soft microfiber towels. Unlike most regular water washes, the waterless wash leaves a very thin layer of wax on the car which provides shine, gloss and protection. Also, there is no excess water to be cleaned up.

What does the waterless wash contain?

  • revolutionary wash, wax, polish, and sealant in one
  • made with carnauba wax and organic clay
  • a complete wash system without water waste
  • cleans, emulsifies & lifts dirt, water-spots, grease and oxidation
  • kaolin clay removes contamination while reducing friction
  • 100% scratch-free & surface-friendly
  • non-stick UV all-weather  protection plus water beading

Does a waterless wash cause scratching to the paintwork?

The waterless wash is designed to ensure the integrity of your paintwork. The waterless wash has a special PH balanced formula of surfactants, clay and lubricants that help to trap, emulsify and lift dirt to the surface, allowing the dirt and grime to be easily wiped away with a soft, microfibre towel without damaging the paint of your car.

 Can I ask Zenwash to use water instead of the waterless wash to clean my car?

Of  course! We can wash your car with a water pressure hose.

Is it possible to get a showroom finish on the outside of my car?

Yes, the full detail provides a fantastic finish to the outside of your car. The car is washed to remove all the basic dirt and grime from the car, next it is clay barred to remove external contaminants that have become adhered to the paint of your car, some of which are invisible to the naked eye, next is the most important part, the polishing, using a Flex, we polish the paint removing swirls and scratches and lastly, we use a wax or sealant to bring up the gloss and shine and also to protect your paint.

My preferred style to work the paint is to bring a mirror like finish to the paint. I really love deep wet reflections in the paint and you will see photos on the site where I have achieved this. I personally think it looks the most spectacular.

What result can I expect for my car interior?

Not only will your car look great but it will feel and smell great as well.

What are major issues with the inside of the car?

The hardest aspects of the interior of the cars:

  • removal of sand
  • removal of grass seeds
  • removal of pet hair
  • old stains

It is not always possible to get rid of all stains. Some stains have actually damaged the surface they are on. Other common problems for car cleaning include sand, grass seeds and animal hair.

The vacuuming of sand, grass seeds and pet hair can be challenging. Some times no matter how many times you vacuum, some sand can remain in the carpet fibres. Grass seeds often burrow into the carpet and seat materials and cannot be removed by vacuum and often cannot be easily removed by hand either.  Animal hair problems depend on the amount and it is often impossible to remove all the hair. However most people are realistic about the state of their car and are happily surprised as to how well stains and other problems are removed.

Is it possible to get rid of all stains?

While we remove the majority of stains, sometimes a few stubborn cannot be removed. Old stains that have been left untouched for a long time that have been embedded into the deepest part of the fibres can be hard to remove. Also, some stains have dyes that are particularly resistant to cleaning. Sometimes a stain is actually a substance which has seeped into and damaged the affected surface.

We do not risk using strong abrasives which can damage surfaces. Most stains can be removed, but for those that cannot be completely removed, usually the stained areas looks much less obvious than before the clean.

Is my car likely to be extra dirty?

Potential customers tend to underestimate the uncleanliness of their car, however, we like to talk about this so you know about our charges and are not hit with unknown extra fees.

Your car is likely to be extra dirty if you have one or a combination of the following:

  • You have not had your car cleaned in a long time.
  • You have children or pets regularly in the car.
  • There are various stains in your car

Please understand, the amount of extra we charge for extra dirty does not usually reflect the amount of time and effort we have to put in when it is extra dirty. We prefer to keep your costs to as close as possible to the original quote. So extra dirty is usually around $20. The highest extra dirty fee we ever gave out was $50 in which the van was used by kids, dogs and we found keys and an old phone.

What is the difference between the standard inside out clean and a inside out deluxe?

Please note that the inside out and the inside out deluxe does not include a machine polish and wax.

The inside out is a complete exterior and interior clean without the shampoo treatment of the carpets and seats.  Most cleaning and stain removal can be performed with an inside out clean. If there are multiple stains or difficult stains to be addressed there may be an extra dirty fee.

The inside out deluxe is a complete exterior and interior clean which includes a shampoo treatment of the carpet and seats. The shampooing process is able to go deeper into the carpet and seat fibres to lift out even more ingrained dirt, grime and smells for a more thorough clean. We use a hot water extraction method to acheive this. There is also less chance of an extra dirty fee with the inside out deluxe.

Does Zenwash just do the interiors of the vehicle or just the outside of the vehicle?

Because we are a team but work in different areas of the car, Christian on the exterior, Soe on the interior, it mean that we only have services that have both an interior and exterior component. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Do you clean the engine, under the bonnet or under the car?

At Zenwash, we only clean the interior and exterior of the car. We do not go under the bonnet, into the engine area or under the car.

Do you have a time that you prefer to work during the day?

Yes, we definitely prefer to work in the morning, usually around 9am or just after depending on traffic. However, if you want us to start later, that is no problem.

Are all of the photos taken by you?

Yes, all of the photographs of cars and areas of Newcastle and the surrounding areas were taken by us.

Are there other aspects of the interior you don’t touch?

Cleaning baby seats is not part of any of our services so if possible, please remove them so we can clean that area properly. If you want us to clean a baby seat, there will be a separate fee as they can be one of the most dirtiest areas of a car.

Do you Zenwash on weekends?

Yes, we work on weekends however we prefer to work during the week. We are flexible though and understand that many hard-working people work during the week and only have the weekend to plan for our service and can accommodate that. Remember that we can come to your place of work and clean your car there.

What methods of payment do you take?

Cash, cheque and bank transfer. We do not have the facilities to take credit cards.

I need an invoice?

We are happy to provide an invoice. We usually email out invoices on the day of the service. Please provide an email and the necessary details. If you are a business, a business card provides all the information we need.

What can I do to best prepare the car for you?

It helps us if you can remove all the contents from your car and boot. This allows us to concentrate specifically on detailing your car. We very much appreciate any help from our customers.

Is there any other information about your premises that helps us?

Yes. It helps us if we know if we have access to:

  • electricity – so we know to bring the generator or not
  • garden tap – if we are using the water pressure hose
  • access to hot water – for the inside out deluxe
  • shelter – if there is no shelter, we cannot service your car if it is raining or too hot. We will need to reschedule the appointment.

How do I pay?

Great question. We accept cash, credit card, online banking deposit and cheque. Please note there is a credit card charge of 1.7% if the card is swiped and 2.2% if the card is manually typed in.